We’re giving away an Apple iPad Mini every day! (Monday - Friday)

Also, our Grand Prize for the week is an Apple Watch Sport!!! (Sunday)

   Our first three Apple a day winners!

  • Name: Michael Weymouth
  • Major: Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
  • Prize: iPad Mini 2

  • Name: Cindy Cai
  • Major: Integrative Biology
  • Prize: iPad Mini 2

  • Name: Amanda Gong
  • Major: Premed
  • Prize: iPad Mini 2
apple a day apple a day apple a day

Starting Monday, April 25th, we will randomly select our "Apple a Day" winner. Students who complete their survey are automatically entered into the daily drawings, so finishing early in the week will increase your chances of winning! Prizes include three $25 Amazon.com Gift Cards and five 32 GB Apple iPad Mini’s (Monday - Friday). We also added a grand prize for the week, which is a 38mm Apple Watch Sport! (Sunday). Begin the survey now!

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey


The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is an online survey administered every other year at UC Berkeley and each of the other undergraduate UC campuses. This survey is an important tool to better understand the undergraduate academic and co-curricular experience at Berkeley. UCUES data is used for many institutional purposes, including providing undergraduate student input into academic program reviews and learning more about students’ financial concerns. All UC Berkeley undergraduates who are 18 years old or older, as of April 4, 2016 are invited to participate in the survey.


Your responses to this survey are confidential, and the results of the study will be reported only as aggregate data. Any quotations from responses to open ended questions used in reporting will be reviewed to ensure that your identity cannot be ascertained.


Valued at approximately $5,000, the prizes include thirty $25 Amazon.com gift cards and six iPad minis. Grand prizes include one Apple Watch Sport and three $500 Amazon.com gift cards. Drawings will be held approximately once per week, with a hiatus between the weeks of May 2 and May 12. Once you complete the survey, your name will be eligible for all subsequent prize drawings, so the earlier you respond, the more chances you have to win a prize.


For more information, please email ucues@berkeley.edu.

UCUES Invitation

Check your email for your official UCUES invitation. See below for additional details regarding the contents of the messages you should be on the lookout for. Thanks!

Email Date Message Type From Subject
April 5th Invitation Email Vice Chancellor
Catherine P. Koshland
Please Participate in the 2016 UC Undergraduate Experience Survey
April 8th Reminder Message Pamela Brown,
UC Office of the President
Prizes for Completing UCUES - Tell Us How You See it!
April 15th Reminder Message Chancellor
Nicholas B. Dirks
A Letter from Chancellor Dirks - UC Undergraduate Experience Survey
April 25th Reminder Message UCUES Staff UCUES "Apple a day" Drawings Begin Today